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What We Do

Peer-based mental wellness empowerment.


People who have lived the same experiences have a special capacity to provide services for people with mental health challenges, because our shared experience provides us with an understanding that is hard to duplicate in other relationships. This kind of help is based on a simple idea: People who have problems and who use services and resources to solve those problems become experts.


In peer support, we are equals. You are the expert on you, and we work to support you in your recovery journey.


Our warmline is a non-crisis talk line. We provide you with support, empowerment, and encouragement as you walk in your wellness journey.


We refer individuals to resources in their area and have a list of helpful links


Learn more about mental health recovery from the stories and tips of people just like you.



We advocate on the individual and state level for people with mental health challenges.

  • Reducing stigma and promoting “Certified Behavioral Health Clinic” status

  • Promoting recovery support groups

  • Encouraging “lived experience” professionals

  • More accessible and affordable mental health care that is trauma-informed


Support is a phone call away.

It’s hard to start. It’s even hard to know where to start. We know how hard it is to keep momentum. We know it helps to have a network of people who understand.

That's why you should call our Warmline.

Help KEY help others.

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