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About KEY

We are an organization of people in recovery.


We are consumers of mental health services, just like you. Because we are consumers ourselves, we understand, and we are driven and uniquely qualified to provide support and empowerment to others like us. When it comes to navigating the world of help and resources, we’ve been there, and that is our superpower.


You see, we’ve discovered that Knowledge Empowers You. That is the KEY.


With this knowledge, we empower others to find their resiliency, mental health, and wellness through education, advocacy, and support.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower people to maintain their mental and physical health, unlock their full potential, and embrace recovery with hope, dignity, and courage.


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where recovery is expected, and mental wellness is for all, not some.

What We Value

• Growth

• Empowerment

• Fight stigma

• Recovery is for everyone

• Self-determination

• Peer support

• Holistic wellness

• Empathy

• Compassion

Our History

Recognizing the need for better understanding and support in the mental wellness path, a group of consumers of mental health services came together to start KEY Consumer Organization in 1984. KEY officially became a non-profit organization in 1988 and then received 501c3 status in 1992 under an all-consumer Board of Directors. 


Since then, KEY has advocated individually and collectively in order to priovide peer support, encourangement, and empowerment while advocating to improve services, promote understanding, and end discrimination against persons with mental health challenges. We unite our efforts with others concerned about themselves or loved ones treated by mental health professionals.


Support is a phone call away.

It’s hard to start. It’s even hard to know where to start. We know how hard it is to keep momentum. We know it helps to have a network of people who understand.

That's why you should call our Warmline.

Help KEY help others.

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