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Get support and empowerment from consumers of mental health services, just like you.


A Warmline is a non-crisis talk line that consumers can call to talk with a peer.

It is a great source of support and connection that can be a helpful addition to traditional mental health services.


It is a confidential, free phone service offering mental health support, that is staffed by people who have the unique experience that can only come from dealing with personal mental health disorders, themselves.


  • Do you need help figuring out where to start and finding resources?

  • Are you in recovery working with professionals but need support between appointments?

  • Are you lonely, or isolated, or lacking support from your familiy or friends?

  • Are you a professional services provider or warmline operator with another organization?


Give us a call. 800-933-5397


Support is a phone call away.

It’s hard to start. It’s even hard to know where to start. We know how hard it is to keep momentum. We know it helps to have a network of people who understand.

That's why you should call our Warmline.

Help KEY help others.

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