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Who we are:


KEY Consumer Organization is a mental health consumer-run organization based in Indianapolis, IN. KEY received its 501c3 in 1992 and has been providing quality peer support, encouragement, and empowerment ever since.

KEY's Mission: KEY Consumer is the organization of people in recovery. We empower others to find their resiliency, mental health, and wellness through education, advocacy, and support.


KEY's Vision: KEY Consumer strives to empower people to maintain their mental and physical health, unlock their full potential, and embrace recovery with hope, dignity, and courage.





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Need to talk? Call our warmline!

A warmline is a non-crisis talk line where consumers can talk with a peer who is also in recovery with mental health challenges. Our warmline operates 8am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

KEY is a consumer-run organization, which means we are consumers of mental health services. Our lived experience is our superpower. It drives us to provide support and empowerment to individuals like us, fight stigma, and promote mental wellness for all. We fight for a world where recovery is expected.
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