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You Go Home at Night, We Don't

We sat at a little table playing euchre 

Like any respectable group of four people in Indiana does 

It was dark above us, but lit brightly over the nurses' station 

So we could see well enough 

We played nurses versus patients 

It was after lunch 

After the new girl who couldn't touch her tray 

For fear of contamination 

Was helped back to her room 

We played idly for a while 

Not really talking about much 

Just killing time 

A nurse rounded the corner and saw us all there 

And laughed 

"I thought you were all patients," she said 

The other nurses laughed too 

"We are all the same here" 

"There's no difference between the patients and staff here" 

More laughter from the nurses 

The other patient and I look at each other 

Over our playing cards 

And didn't say 

By: S.G. 

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